KAP Kundalini Greece

My story

My name is Diane Winkel, born in The Netherlands now living in the country of Greece.

I always have been very spiritual and different from other people and never felt at home in this world.

Since I was a little girl I always have been aware of the light and love which was in me shined through me and around me and I always have had this strong urge to heal other people, which I tried to do as long as I remember, I just didn’t know what was the right way of doing so and this caused me to end up completely lost and drained and ended up in a very dark place which almost costed my own life.

My whole life I have been searching for my home, I have traveled the world but never found what I was looking for until KAP entered my life.

When I moved to Greece I directly felt that this was the place I have to be and start my life, which I did but still not knowing why, until my sister who is now a Kap facilitator told me that I should try a Kap session.

In Greece, KAP was not existing yet and so I found my dearest mentor Barbara Blum online and short after I was on the plane to Barbara in Yelapa, Mexico to participate in her KAP  retreat and in the same year I went again together with my Sister back to Barbara in Yelapa, Mexico for another KAP retreat but this time included with Non dual transmissions.

After my first session I completely surrendered to the energy and I experienced something I have never felt before and I entered in a complete different space, my whole body lifted up and I got overwhelmed by this huge light and all I could feel was unconditional love.

I remember I cried tears of joy because I directly recognised where I was, this was my home.. I finally found my way back home. The energy showed my my purpose, healed me from past traumas and blockages, gave me clarity, deep gratitude for life in this body, opened my heart and has been transforming me ever since.

In May 2023 I did the Kapfacilitator training level 1 in Ibiza and this was the most special week of my life and now I am one of the few Kapfacilitators in the world and the first Kapfacilitator in Greece, chosen by the founder Venant Wong. With deep gratitude for all my teachers, Josef Ajram, Sulaika Fernandez, Raquel Santos, and Julia Bergh.

KAP has changed my life completely and it would be a pleasure to guide you in this beautiful KAP journey, to grow as a human being in consciousness, help you to open your heart, to connect with your true essence, soul, light and to let go what doesn’t longer serve you and surrender to this beautiful Life Force Energy  which is in all of us.

With love,


What I have to offer

Professional Kapfacilitator

Since May 2023 I am an official Kapfacilitator.
For this I have followed a special training by Academy Kap in Ibiza under the guidance of the best Kapfacilitators in the world..

Including the session

Before and after discussion of the session. A special selected music list chosen by me. Light language which I speak during the session to which your soul responds. Drinks and health snacks after the session

Unique Location

All the kap sessions will be taken place in a a beautiful large peaceful private garden in a unique location in Anavyssos

KAP sessions

Private session

Do you feel you need more care and support in this process, or not feeling comfortable in a group, then I will love to help you in a private session to grow deeper in a safe space. In a private session all the attention and energy is focused on you alone and the transmission will be much stronger. Before and after the session we will discuss everything in detail.

Through a combination of breathwork, meditation, sacred sound, and subtle movements, the Kap Kundalini session aims to awaken and harmonize the flow of Kundalini energy within you. As this powerful energy rises through your spine, it clears blockages, releases stagnant patterns, and ignites a profound inner transformation. You will be gently guided to connect with your body, mind, and spirit, allowing for a deep sense of alignment and connection to unfold.

In this private session, you will receive personalized attention and guidance to address your specific intentions and needs. The practitioner will create a safe and nurturing environment, holding space for your journey of self-discovery. Whether you seek emotional healing, spiritual expansion, or a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, the Kap session offers a unique opportunity to tap into your fullest potential and embrace the transformative power within you.

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